Global scientific thoughts and researches have confirmed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so an institution where a child spends most of his time should see to encourage him to attain a healthy and active body participating in one or the other sports activity positively.

Presently the school provides a vast infrastructure for sport activities like 
Athletics, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Kho Kho, Volleyball etc.
Activity and free periods are utilized for sports. Apart from it school permits interested students to use the available sports amenities. But selected students should be present once in a week at evening for practice for inter house and inter school competition. However during examination no student will be allowed to play in school ground. The institution desires to utilize the coaches and the infrastructure at the most for the best outcome. 

All the sports activities are accomplished with a motto of yielding out the best sporting faces of the city. The track & field activities and indoor activities inculcate the positive competitive zest among the students, where they learn the minute skills of the game. Yoga and Meditation is the key to know self and to learn sincerity and punctuality for the every aspect of life. The institution provides the time and space to all the growing children to learn yoga and ways of meditation to remain in the peace of mind in all the situation. Yoga and meditation is an integral component to determine the constant growth of a personality. 

Library : Library plays significant role in the progress of the pupil. Therefore we encourage students to make the best use of the library. To avail the library resources each class is allotted one library period in a week. We teach and guide how the books are the best friend. All the teachers motivate children to go through different books on same or different subject matters, which enhance the reading habit and the learning skills as well A text book related to any subject matter can be issued from the library for not more than two days, late submission attracts fine. Separate space is provided in the library to organize group study for project and group assignment. Strict silence should be observed within the library. Personal belongings are not allowed to be taken in the library. only a note book or a paper can be taken to collect written notes Details of books referred in the library period must be maintained in the Student's Dairy. 

Smart Class: The concept of ''Smart Class'' has been introduced since 2008, for the students and being used extensively for their day to day school life, smart class environment not only extravagantly enthralling children in their learning process but it's indeed a boon for new era teachers. 

Laboratory : The institution nurtures the need of Science in day to day learning process practically and very efficiently All three basic parts of Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology are taught in a dynamic way, by using learning by doing methodology. All the students who need the practical help is provided by the teachers, and are allowed to conduct experiment (s) under teacher's guidelines and observation. Laboratory equipment should be handled with care. Breakage or damage charge will be claimed from the student. 

LECTURE AND SEMINARS : Special Lectures and seminars by experts and renowned personalities are arranged for STD. VIII to X. Lectures on vocational guidance, personality development, examination preparation stress control, time management are provided for their academic, personal and career development. 

COUNSELING :The school offers special counseling sessions to addresses the students learning difficulties. Counseling helps in personal guidance to motivate the students towards better performance.

Counseling is also provided to students with behavioral problems and to socially deprived students. Social and emotional needs are addressed through counseling. Parents are requested to direct their wards for counseling if needed.



  • To provide a unique learning environment and dynamic educational program that gives access to unrivalled academic upbringing at all Levels.


  • Fellowship Mission Institutions Aim to Define the Realistic Growth in each individual through holistic approach in education with a visible distinction.